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Introduction of control systems is gaining for automated machinery in various fields. Especially, position control systems are used for all kinds of automated machinery. We offer various controllers suitable for fixed position-to-position control, synchronous (follow-up) control and biaxial interpolation control. Also, a controller that controls a powder brake voltage to obtain a stable tension control is available. Troublesome task in the process of system construction is reduced by our easy-to-operate controllers with advanced controls.

A servo pulse controller is used to control the operation when using a servo or stepping motor for the drive member. Miki Pulley''''s controllers are designed for performance improvement according to application. Any actuator compatible with pulse input is connectable. The SPC-007 model for roll feed control, ...more

Electoromagnetic Clutches and Brakes

Electromagnetic clutch and brake are equipment for connecting, disconnecting, braking and holding of machinery by electromagnetic power generated by coil energization. They are divided by the operating method into electromagnetic actuated type and spring actuated type. Spring actuated type refers to the brake that is functional by spring force when energization of a coil is off such as power outage. MIKI PULLEY electromagnetic clutches and brakes are classified mainly by "electromagnetic actuated type clutches and brakes", "spring actuated type (non-excited) brakes", "electromagnetic toothed clutch", "brake motors" and "electromagnetic clutch and brake power supply units". Various products such as units that combine several functions are available that the appropriate product can be selected in accordance with the intended use.

Ideal for use in small precision equipments such as business machine, communications equipment or automobile machinery that has a susceptibility to fluctuations of torque and responsiveness. The 102 model (clutch) and the 112 model (brake) with the same basic design can be provided as well as the customizable CYT model (clutch) .

Compatible with overall general industrial machinery and the rational design offers good performance. The 101 and CS model (clutch) and the 111 model (brake) with the same basic design can be provided as well as the CSZ model (clutch) and the BSZ model (brake) designed to significantly reduce the assembling time by integrating each part.

Several clutches and brakes could be used when designing a complex mechanism. Various units are available to eliminate a troublesome task to combine the required number of each clutch and brake. A number of models that combined a motor or a reducer are also available.

It is an electromagnetic brake functional by a spring force when electricity is off. It is designed for good performance in panic braking during power outage, holding of long-term shutdown condition or coasting prevention of machine. Various advantages such as quiet braking sound, long operating life, compac...more

Torque is transmitted by engagement of teeth and large torque can be transmitted even though the clutch is small. There are "full position" with entire circumference engagement and "single position" with fixed position engagement (engaged at one position in one revolution) . As a tooth t...more

Brake motor is a product containing an electro-magnetic brake or spring actuated brake without changing the dimensions of a general-purpose motor. A compact power supply unit is contained for easy handling of the motor.

These dedicated power supplies are developed to maximize the performance of Miki Pulley electromagnetic clutches and brakes. A variety of 12 models are available. The appropriate power supply can be selected in accordance with the intended use.

|  BES Model (Normal high speed control)  |  BEH Model (Ultra high speed control)  |  BEW Model (Normal control)  |  BEW-S Type (Compact)  |  BEW-W Type (Half and full wave)  |  BEW-FH Type (Over excitation)  |  BEM Model (Compact)  |  BEM-T Type (Ultra

Speed changers and Reducers

A speed change pulley that is used for our company name constitutes the core of MIKI PULLEY speed changer and reducer product lines. By changing the pitch diameter of the belt of pulley, a speed control of the device can be easily performed. Due to the mechanical speed control, the maintenance is easy, and a stable power transmission and speed control can be obtained. There are wide variations such as the integrated unit with motor or reducer, model with brake motor or hollow/solid shaft reducer. Therefore, a stable power transmission can be provided for a complex control method as well as speed control.

The RW series are a combination of motor and speed changer based on a hollow-shaft worm reducer as its center module. There are the geared motor RWM model, the RWM-BS model with brake motor, and the RWP model with belt speed change drive unit mounted between the motor and reducer. Each model adopts the B14 flange motor. It is a very compact model.

|  RW mini  |  RWM Model  |  RWM-BS Type  |  RWP Model  |

The AX series are a combination of motor and reducer based on a solid shaft worm reducer as its center module. There are the geared motor AXM model, the AXM-BS model with brake motor, and the AXP model with belt speed change drive unit mounted between the motor and reducer. Each model adopts the B24 flange motor. It is very compact model.

|  AXM Model  |  AXP Model  |

Since this unit can change the speed without alternating the center distance by the two speed-change pulleys, a space-saving design is possible. In addition, it is easy to mount and use due to the unit-type structure. A motor, speed changer, electromagnetic clutch and brake, also reducer can be optionally i...more

|  ANS Model  |  ANW Model  |  ANG Model  |  ACW Model  |  ANB Model  |  PDS Model  |  PDC Model  |  PDG Model  |  AHS Model  |  AHM Model  |

The belt speed change drives such as VARI-DIA pulley or intermediate type that changes the rotation continuously without stopping the machine is a high-performance speed changer of year''''s experience and original technology. It can be easily mounted in any machine or device to enhance the operating efficiency.

There are 3 types of belts used for belt-type stepless speed changers, wide-width speed change belt, double cog belt and standard V belt. Select the appropriate belt for the speed changer used.

It is a one-way clutch non-stage speed changer that is operable from zero rotation to maximum rotation instantaneously. Speed change is easy with the easy-to-move lever. The unique structure that transmits the rotation by the link and one-way clutch mechanisms is compact and lightweight, and a large speed c...more

|  Zero-Max S  |  Zero-Max MS  |

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