Servomex Servotough Oxy Analyser (1900 Digital) Máy Phân Tích Khí Oxi

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D3, Kdc Miếu Nổi, Đinh Tiên Hoàng, P.3, Q.bình Thạnh

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1900 Digital
SERVOTOUGH Oxy Analyser (1900 Digital) Offering an exceptional range of industry-standard options and three unique, ground-breaking functions, the forthcoming Servomex SERVOTOUGH-Oxy oxygen gas analyser will set new standards of flexibility, stability and reliability from a single, cost-effective unit.

The new SERVOTOUGH Oxy is an intrinsically safe oxygen analyser for zone 1 areas with no purge required.


Technology Used

Oxygen – Servomex’s unique paramagnetic cell, which offers a fast, linear, accurate, highly stable and selective response in a non-depleting rugged package.

The sensors use non-depleting technologies, maximizing availability and reducing maintenance and operating costs.


  • Heated sample cell allowing significantly simplified sample system requirements
  • Internal flow sensor for improved safety
  • Internal pressure compensation for barometric and process fluctuations e.g Flare Stacks
  • Autovalidation safely reducing the level of hands on maintenance with the highest confidence
  • Low cost of ownership with no need for reference or purge gases.
  • Long calibration intervals and indefinite cell life
  • Configurable build giving specific solutions for a wide range of applications
  • FEMA report available fully supporting SIL2 failure Mode & Effects analysis


Typical Applications

  • Process Control
  • Safety critical oxidation, such as ethylene oxide and propylene oxide purity
  • Feedstock clean up
  • Inerting/blanketing
  • Flare stack analysis


Service Training

Servomex provides comprehensive maintenance, recalibration, return to base and service contracts for the SERVOTOUGH Oxy analyser.

As part of our commitment to providing valuable after sales support, we are developing extensive training schemes for customers. If you are interested in attending a service training course please contact us directly using the service enquiry form.

System Capabilities

Servomex offers a complete system solution covering all aspects of sampling system design, build and project management. Please contact your local Servomex office for further information.

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Thông tin chung

Hãng sản xuất Servomex
Loại máy Máy nén khí chạy dây curoa
Chức năng
• -
Công suất máy (W) 40
Áp xuất khí (bar) 2
Lưu lượng khí nén (m3/phút) 0.2
Trọng lượng (kg) 1.2
Xuất xứ Đức

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0938 214 498
Mã số : 7867524
Địa điểm : Hồ Chí Minh
Hình thức : Cần bán
Tình trạng : Hàng mới
Hết hạn : 03/07/2022
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