Nvm-1166 Vertical Machining Center, Máy Gia Công Maxmill


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Model: NVM-1166 (băng hộp)

Xuất xứ: Maxmill – Đài Loan

Trung tâm gia công đứng NVM 1166

Outstanding Features:

  • The pyramid machine construction features a perfect structural ratio. The major cast parts are scientifically rib reinforced. This machine construction effectively extends service life and features stable thermal effect and added dampening effect.
  • When installing 3 axes ball screws, ball bar testing and laser equipment are employed for parameter adjustment to achieve the best possible accuracy.
  • All slideways are hardened and precision ground and then coated with high quality, low friction Turcite-B for maximum wear resistance. The mating surfaces are precision treated for long term accuracy.
  • Optimized machine construction. The major machine parts, such as base, column and saddle, etc., are manufactured from high quality alloy cast iron. It features maximum material stability, minimum deformation and lifetime accuracy.


Model UnitNVM-1166
TRAVELX x Y x Z axismm1,150 x 670 x 600
Spindle nose to tablemm100~700
Spindle center to solid column surfacemm720
TABLEWorking areamm1,300 x 600
Max. loadingkg1,200
T-Slots (No. x Width x Pitch)mm5 x 18 x 100
SPINDLETool shank---BT-40
Transmission---Direct-Speed Belt Drive
Bearing lubrication---Grease
Cooling system---Oil cooled
Spindle motor max. ratingkw(HP)11 (15)
Axis motor max. ratingkwMITSUBISHI 2.0 / 3.5 / 3.5
FANUC(α) 3.0 / 3.0 / 3.0
FEED RATESRapids on X & Y & Z axesm/min20 / 20 / 20
Max. cutting federatm/min10
TOOL MAGAZINE (ARM)Tool storage capacitypcs20 (armless )24 (arm)
Type of tool (optional)typeBT- 40 (CAT- 40)
Max. tool diametermm100 (armless) 76 (arm)
Max. tool weightkg7
Max. tool lengthmm250 (armless)300 (arm)
Tool to toolsec.2.7
Chip to chip (50% Z axis)sec.6.7
Air source requiredkg/cm26 up
ACCURACYPositioning (VDI 3341)mmP 0.01
Repeatability (VDI 3341)mmPs 0.006
DIMENSIONMachine weight (Net)kg6,700 (armless)7,000 (arm)
Power source requiredKVA15
Floor space (L x W x H)mm3,140 x 2,880 x 2,850
Shipment advice----1 x 40'''''''''''''''' HQ (2 sets)

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Hãng sản xuất Maxmill
Xuất xứ Đài Loan

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0986 144 718
Mã số : 14892032
Địa điểm : Hà Nội
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Tình trạng : Hàng mới
Hết hạn : 23/06/2021
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