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The device FHC-3100-A Network Bridge is a high performance, remote, self-learning Ethernet bridge. Its compact size and low cost make it ideal for cost-sensitive bridging applications, or as a LAN extender over bit stream type infrastructures. Its E1 data interface also provides an economical digital access solution for E1 and Fractional E1 network Services, which can work at data rates of 64Kbps to 2048Kbps. User’s data is placed into the E1 frame using only the required number of timeslots. Timeslot assignment is accomplished according to the Data Port speed and manual setting of DIP switches. The main E1 link may be clocked from the recovered receive clock or from an internal oscillator. For easy to check the fault of network line, the device provides loop selection, both local loop and remote loop.




vHigh performance bridge for 10(100)Base-T Ethernet extension.

vFully compatible with IEEE 802.3 and Ethernet Standards.

vE1 channel: both framed & unframed are OK, both 75 & 120ohm are OK.

vEthernet Port: 10Mbps, Full/Half Duplex Mode compatible.

vEthernet ports support MDI/MDI-X selectionable.

vAllow transmitting and receiving VLAN data packet.

v15000 frames per second filtering and forwarding rate.

v1000 MAC address LAN table, and automatic LAN table learning and aging.

vStandalone and Module optional.

vPower of Chassis: 2 Slots for slide in power supplier module, AC or DC power supplier module, Redundant Power supported.

vAC220V±20% or DC-48V power input.




LAN port:

  • Standard: Conforms to IEEE802.3/10(100)Base-T Ethernet.

  • Data rate: 10Mbps (20Mbps/10Base-T in Full duplex topology).

Compatible on Full/Half duplex topology.

  • Connectors: RJ-45 Connector.

  • Transfer distance: <150m.

E1 port:

  • Standard: ITU G.703, G.704.

  • Jitter Performance: According to ITU G.823.

  • Bit rate: N×64Kbps, N=1~31 (Fractional Mode) or 2.048Mbps (Full Mode).

  • Line Code: HDB3.

  • Line Impedance: 75/120ohms optional.

  • Pulse Amplitude: Nominal 2.37V±10%.


  • Voltage: AC 220V±20% or DC -48V.

  • Power Consumption: <3 Watts.

  • Temperature: 0-50°C.

  • Humidity: 0-90% (non-condensing).

  • Size: 230mm(L)×124mm(W)×36mm(H).

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0439 448 436
Mã số : 10285867
Địa điểm : Hà Nội
Hình thức : Cần bán
Tình trạng : Hàng mới
Hết hạn : 31/12/2020
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