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iSkin Cover Apple iPhone 3G 3GS SOLO Case Red

iSkin Cover Apple iPhone 3G 3GS SOLO Case Red

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Mô tả sản phẩm: iSkin Cover Apple iPhone 3G 3GS SOLO Case Red

iSkin 3GS SOLO Case Red

Model Number:  SOLO3G-RD
Item Condition:  New    

Ultra-Clear Shock Protector
Slip your beloved iPhone 3G into the amazing new iSkin solo. Instantly experience the sensual touch and the look of sophisticated styling. Featuring a stunning, never seen before high-gloss finish, available in four, hot, fashionably-aware color options. The iSkin solo provides the robust protection of a hard case, the form-fitting flexibility of a soft case, with our new slim-fitting low profile. The iSkin solo provides a unique non-slip grip, full access to all controls and a simple way to give your iPhone 3G a complete color make-over. As with all iSkin products, the solo delivers the highest quality in fit, styling and protection. Stand out from the crowd, the iSkin solo – the new, bold, sexy hot, low profile, protector for your iPhone 3G.

  • Includes: Flexible Form Fitting Body Suit (Hydro Carbon Polymer) with anti-glare protective clear film
    A Perfect Fit
  • Carefully crafted for a precise fit, the iSkin solo features full body protection in a slim, bulk-free fashionably-aware package that enhances the iPhone 3G’s elegant aesthetics and sleek lines. Delivering everyday protection against impact, scratches, dirt, dust, and everyday hazards, the form-fitting solo is also hot/cold temperature resistant, odorless, and available in a range of four stunning high gloss color options.
    Convenience + Beauty
  • The iSkin solo is the only protector of its kind on the market today featuring a gorgeous, high gloss surface finish, with an enhanced non-slip grip, and a slim-fitting profile that fits easily in a pocket or purse.
    Access + Protection
  • The iSkin solo’s thoughtful design allows you to protect your iPhone 3G without sacrificing functionality. You’ll enjoy the optimal convenience of completely unhindered screen, docking port, headphone and camera access, while your essential volume and power buttons remain safely and snugly protected.
    Screen Safety
  • The iSkin solo’s protective screen film is ultra–clear touch compatible, and helps shield against scratching, scrapes, dust, and other damage caused by everyday use.
  • Fits 3G 3GS iPhone

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