Teaching Vietnamese To Foreigners (Japanese People And Other People From English – Speaking – Countries).

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You want to learn Vietnamese?

You are finding a place where you can learn Vietnamese your way?


Please contact me at learning.your.way@gmail.com


自己紹介/ Self-introduction


I am Ms. Phan. I live in Hanoi. I graduated from Foreign Trade University. I majored in External Economic and Japanese.




1. 私は2年間以上外国人にベトナム語を教える経験者。

I have over 2 years experience in teaching Vietnamese to foreigners (Japanese people and other people from English – speaking – countries).


2. 自宅での授業が可能

It will be very convenient for you because you can learn at home. I can go to your place.

* In case your place is not convenient, you can go to my place. Or we can even learn through the Internet (Chat voice).


3. 授業料について

About the tuition fee:

You will have to pay LESS than you have to do when you go to a foreign language center.

(because at a foreign language center, you have to pay not only the tuition fee but also the administration cost and many other additional costs. You even have to pay more in case you want to learn at your place!!!)

授業料/ Tuition fee: 6 USD – 8 USD/hour(学習者の自宅までの距離と勉強したいレベルによって決定/ It depends on the distance to your place and the level you want to learn


4. 学習計画は個人別に随時対応。

Learning schedule will be individually drawn up in order to be suitable for your ability, purpose of learning and/or to meet your requirements.


When something unexpected come up and you can’t attend the lesson as planned, you can easily change the day you want to learn, even when the learning schedule was drawn up.


5. テキストは外国人用の教科書(越日と越英の教科書)。ベトナム語レベルA~レベルCの教科書あり

I have bilingual textbooks from A level to C level which are specially used for foreigners. (Vietnamese – Japanese and Vietnamese – English textbooks)


Let’s find the most effective way of learning Vietnamese with me!

Please contact me at learning.your.way@gmail.com

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