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Standard temperature sensors for industrial use


Standard Temperature Sensors for Industrial Use

Descreption of Temperature Sensors

Design and fabrication of our industrial sensors correspond with the technical standard of DIN 43770. Our sensors can be divided into two groups, depending on the measurement method used.

Resistance thermometer

Resistance thermometer have a defined resistance value at 0 °C which alters, depending on temperature. This alteration is presented as temperature value.


Thermocouples consist of two different metal wires which are welded together in one point. When the weld spot is heated, a thermal voltage is generated at the open ends of the wires which provides the temperature measurement.


Temperature sensors for furnace construction

Temperature Sensor for Furnace Construction

Sensors for heat treatment installations show a special construction which makes them suitable for various ambient conditions( different temperatures, measurement and ambient media). In most applications, the sensor is a Thermocouple which consists of two different metal wires being welded together in one point. When the weld spot is heated, a thermal voltage is generated at the open ends of the wires where temperature measurements are taken.

We distinguish between two different types:

Immersion tube made of metal 
The sensor isi nstalled in a heat resistant metallic immersion tube which is available in different diameters. Inside this immersion tube, there are ceramic tubes for a loose guidance of the thermowires. This version can beused up to temperatures of about 1200°C. A ceramic clamping block serves as electrical connection, which is installed in the connection head shape A or shape B.

Immersion tube made of ceramics 
With this second variant,the sensor is in a ceramic immersion tube which is available invarious compositions and different quality classes. In the area of the connection head, a metal support tube acts as attatchment for the connection head shape A or shape B, as well as a receiver of the external ceramic immersion tube.


Temperature sensors for the marine area

Temperature Sensors for the Marine Area

The marine area is a special field int he manufacture of temperature sensors, where standard temperature sensors cannot be used due to extreme mechanical stress. For example, there are acceleration forces of more than2 00 g, if the temperature sensor is directlyinstalled on marine engines. 

Most of all, the sensors used in marine application must sustainably absorb such forces. Which means that during the manufacture special requirements are demanded to avoid the breakdown of the measurement system. Thus the internal structure of the temperature sensor is designed as a vibration resistant component. Continuous quality controls and numerous tests directly fitted to marine engines guarantee a highlife expectancy.

SIKA has long-term experiences in the area of marinesensors used under extreme conditions in marine applications.


Temperature Sensors for customer-specific Measurement Jobs

Temperature Sensors for customer-specific Measurement Jobs

The engineering and machine construction require customer-specific temperature sensors for their special applications. Also here, Thermocouples and resistance thermometers are used as measuring instruments. If the temperatures to be measured are in the range of up to 400 °C, mostly resistance thermometers will be used for the measurement.

The difference between serial and special manufacturingi s only the mechanical structure of the sensors. The deciding criterions are listed in the following:


  • At which position is the temperature to be measured?
  • In which medium ist he temperature to be determined?
  • Which diameter can be installed in the production process?
  • Which mechanical process connection can be used?
  • What is the type of electrical connection?
  • Which mechanical and thermal stress is the sensor subjected to?

The answers to these questions are the base for the manufacture of special temperature sensors for mechanical engineering.




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