Ap03Da0Bg3Bis – Bộ Truyền Động Cho Van – Sirca Vietnam – Đại Lí Cung Cấp Van Sirca

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  • AP03DA0BG3BIS – Bộ truyền động cho van – Sirca Vietnam – Đại lí cung cấp van Sirca chính hãng tại Việt Nam


Two type of model: AP and APM series.

AP series, with single adjustment, allows only the adjustment of the stroke of the pistons in opening position 90° ± 3°.

APM series, with double adjustment, allows to adjust the stroke of the pistons in closing and opening of ± 5°.

Dual piston rack and pinion design for compact construction, symmetric mounting piston. One compact design with identical body and end caps for double acting and spring return model.

Extruded aluminium body, available with two types of corrosion protection, gold anodised or hard anodised. All bodies are machined with CNC controlled machines in order to obtain the highest quality and precision.

End caps and pistons are made of die-cast aluminum. End caps are painted.

Pinion is made in nickel plated steel alloy. An anti-blowout system prevents the stem from slipping out of the actuator body.

All moving components, are equipped with special anti-friction rings or bearing.

All springs are made with an encapsulated system that avoids the risk of accidents during the disassembly phases of the actuator.

Internal and external stainless steel fasteners for long term corrosion resistance.

Conform to technical specifications:

ISO 5211, DIN3337 and VDI / VDE 3845 NAMUR
for product interchangeability and easy mounting of solenoids valve, limit switches and other accessories.


  • Bên cạnh đó Chúng tôi còn cung cấp và phân phối thêm các dòng thiết bị công nghiệp hóa tự động của rất nhiều Thương hiệu nổi tiếng khác:
MHPS VietnamModel: FXAIM04A-UP
 (7ch), (Thermocouple E, K, T, J, R)
MHPS VietnamModel: FXAIM02
 Analog intput module (4~20mA : 8ch)
MHPS VietnamModel: FXDOT01
 EDI base clock output module (8ch)
MHPS VietnamModel: FXPIM01A
 Pulse intput module (DC24V : 8ch)
MHPS VietnamModel: FXSVT03
 Servo valve interface module
MHPS VietnamModel: FXAIM01
 Analog intput module (4~20mA : 8ch)
MHPS VietnamModel: FXAOM01AD-1
 Analog output module (4~20mA : 8ch)
MHPS VietnamConnecting cable
 Old to new digital output module connecting cable
MHPS VietnamModel: CPCNT01
 ControlNet Interface card
MHPS VietnamModel: CPETH02
 Ethernet Interface card
MHPS VietnamModel: FXTCL02
 Turbine interlock
MHPS VietnamModel: FXEOS01
 Electrical over speed trip module
MHPS VietnamModel: FXIRS01
 Infrared flame detector module
MHPS VietnamModel: FXAOM01A
 Analog output module (4~20mA : 8ch)
MHPS VietnamModel: FXOPC01
 Over speed protection module
MHPS VietnamModel: FXDIM01
 Digital input module (DC24V : 16ch)
MHPS VietnamModel: FXDOM01
 Digital output module (8ch)
MHPS VietnamModel: CPCPU31
 CPU Card



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