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1. Powerful Probe Function 3D Measurement Software Precise Microscope Compatible
Detailed Product Description

Fuzzy Eliminating Function:IncludedRectangle Measuring Tools:Detecting 4 Sides In One Time, Achieve Fast Measuring
Multiple Reports Format:Users Can Set The Excel Report Format Based On RequirementProfessional SPC Function:Included
Convenient Label Function:IncludedCoordinates Alignment:Offset, Rotating, Alignment Function Are Available



Powerful Probe Function 3D Measurement Software Microscope Compatible


Function description


Powerful Geometry measuring function


Points / points group, 2 points / multiple points to get line, 3 points / multiple points to get circle or arc, distance between 2 points, average distance between 2 lines, distance between point and line, distance between 2 circle centers, distance between circle and line, angle and cross point of 2 lines.



Powerful construction function:


Offset, rotate, combining, parallel, vertical, mirror, crossing, tangent, users can use the function to create elements for assisting the complicated parts measuring.


Convenient label function


Direct label on the drawing area or the image area, the 2 areas are able to display the measuring result labels at the same time.



Geometric tolerance evaluating function included


Straightness, roundness, tapper etc.


Coordinates alignment


The measuring parts are not required for aligning, the coordinates system offset, rotating, alignment function are available.



Window preset funtion


Based on users’ using habit, adjusting the window layout, setting the common use tools.


Image edge automatic detecting


Multiple automatic edge detecting tools included, increase the measuring efficiency.


Auto recognizing tools


Automatic recognize the circle, line and arc of the image.


Fuzzy eliminating function


Adjusting the CCD parameters setting, increase the adaptive capability, eliminating fuzzy function, to acquire the correct measuring data.


Rectangle measuring tools


Detecting 4 sides in one time, achieve fast measuring.


Multiple reports format


Users can set the Excel report format based on requirement.



Reverse engineering


The mechanical drawing is able to output to DXF file directly, achieve the 2D scanning function, compatible to multiple design software such as AutoCAD or Pro/E


Professional SPC function


Easy for users to achieve quality control data.



Automatic function


Auto focusing, automatic measuring, matrix measuring, the program is able to input DXF files, to achieve comparison with the part image or the measured graphic.


Auto focus assistance


Also it is possible to take 2 points in the image area to get the measuring error value.

With the optional touch probe accessories users can achieve 3D compound measuring. Perfect combination of the image and touch probe measuring, automatically switching by the measuring program, provides fast measuring for the complicated parts.


Real 3D Display


2. 3D Video Measurement Software / Measuring Software Revo 5 Axis Supported
Detailed Product Description

Supporting 5 Axis Probes:Renishaw PH20 High Speed 5 Axis Probe, 5 Axis Scanning REVOSupporting Non-contact Devices:CCD, OTP6M, LD50-Laser, LD60-Laser
Supporting Motion Controller:UCC1, UCC2, UCClite, WPC, DEVA, TUTOR-P, MicroScribe Arm, Baces3D Arms, HEADER Line LaserStandard:DMIS
Supporting Auto Rotating Probe:PH9, PH10T, PH10MSupported Continuous Scanning:SP80, SP600M, SP25



Coordinates Measuring Machine 3D Measurement Software Revo 5 Axis Supported




Through years of development, the RationalDMIS is more and more accepted by the users. The unique click and drag operation mode and the powerful function is the known advantage in the coordinates measuring machine industry.





Simple operation interface, easy operation


User friendly operation interface


Avoiding the jamming situation caused by jump out windows.

Users do not need repeat entering operation.



Click and drag inputting


All function are able to achieve by only clicking and moving the mouse.

Constructing, tolerance, and programming operation only need mouse click to achieve.



Multiple innovative interface and widows


Rational quick interface, increase the efficiency of windows switching, tolerance calculating and element constructing.

Xmeas interface, offers more simple, intelligent, user friendly and personal measuring interface.

Online assistant, provides user friendly and intelligent support.



100% realtime graphical display


Full graphical display of building the machine model, creating touch probe, calibration, measuring, constructing, tolerance and outputting.



Function of path simulation, crashing detecting, measuring plan increase make the measuring operational and predicable. Offers safer operation, minimize the risk of crashing caused by the unexperienced operation.



Meeting the DMIS standard, fast programming.


Pure DMIS core, 100% meet the DMIS standard.


Integrated with common DMIS commands, function and macro.

Self-learning function, creating standard DMIS command automatically.



Measuring based on target, image driving, to achieve fast programming.


Automatic recognize digital model theory element, fast building measuring program.

Click and measure, increase the efficiency.


Multiple graphical report output



The RationalDMIS is supporting multiple motion controller


UCC1, UCC2, UCClite, WPC, DEVA, TUTOR-P, MicroScribe arm, Baces3D arms, HEADER line laser.



The RationalDMIS is supporting many touch probes / probe changer


High speed 5 axis: Renishaw PH20 high speed 5 axis probe, 5 axis scanning REVO

Non-contact: CCD, OTP6M, LD50-Laser, LD60-Laser…

Continuous scanning: SP80, SP600M, SP25…

Auto rotating probe: PH9, PH10T, PH10M

Triggering probes: MCP, MH8, MH20i, RTP20, TP20, TP200

Probe changer: MCR20, SCR200, FCR25-L3, FCR25-L6…

Others: MCG calibrating gauge, rotary stage, temperature sensors.


3. Compound 2D 3D Measurement Software For Laser 3d Scanner / CCD Measuring
Detailed Product Description

CAD Input:IncludedSupporting Measuring Device:CCD, Probe, Laser
Supporting File Format:IGES, STEP(3D)and DXFDirecting Reading Interface:UG, ProE, Catia, Solidworks



Compound 3D Measurement Software 2D Measurement Probe Function Laser Scanner




The Rational Vue 2D/3D compound Measurement Software series offers universal and powerful 2D/3D measuring function to users. It offers basic elements measuring such as points, lines, angles, circles, distance, etc. The Rationvue series provides outstanding motion control to the automatic machine. Together with the strong edge detecting function and easy pprogramming, ensures very high measuring efficiency in mass measuring. It is the best vision measuring software in cell phones, plastic products, electronics, etc which need mass production and quality control.Also the strong 3D measuring function is powerful tool for the complicated parts 3D dimension measuring.




Main features of RationalVue


RationalVue is the first software that import CAD into video measurement software in global.


RationalVue is the first software without precedent that combines with CCD, probe and laser together, and can switch used software freely.


RatonalVue gathers 2D/3D measurement, data analysis, SPC, CAD reverse, Formerror analyzing, profile scanning and offline simulation together in the software.


Supports offline simulation measurement which can make offline training and offline programming.


3D/2D composite measurement


RationalVue can make CCD, probe, laser to complete the perfect unification of coordinate, program and data respectively, of which can make the product measurement by free switching probe under the same coordinate system.


The introducing of composite measurement reduces the assemble times of components and enhances measure efficiency. While saving cost, it also reduces space for customers.


Powerful CAD function(CMM software engine)


RationalVue can import IGES, STEP(3D)and DXF to make CAD comparison measurement.


Supports direct interface, including UG, ProE, Catia, Solidworks…


CAD position.


Guide program(enhance program efficiency by more than 2 times).


RationalVue can export CAD with IGES and DXF format to realize reverse engineer.



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