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Wire, Cable & Fiber

Power and specialty cable manufacturers face a number of production challenges based around productivity and quality. Rising material prices and increased global competition only compound the issue. In order to succeed, manufacturers need to reduce production costs by using less material, minimizing scrap, and running at higher line speeds to make more finished product in less time.

Similarly, communication cable manufacturers face the same productivity and quality challenges. In addition, customers are calling for greater bandwidth, higher speed, and longer distance from their communication cables. Whether the communication medium is copper or optical fiber, the cable manufacturer must endeavor to push the limits of product quality and performance in order to remain economically competitive.

Beta LaserMike gives manufacturers the competitive edge by offering the most comprehensive process control instrumentation and automated cable testing solutions to solve their application challenges. As a market leader, we understand our customers’ quality, cost, and measurement and process control objectives and work with them to create innovative, reliable solutions that improve product quality while lowering costs. Learn how our solutions can help your production process.

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Communication Cable

Communication Cable icon

Automatically measure and control communication cable production.

Power, Building & Specialty Cable

Power, Building & Specialty Cable icon

Automatically measure and control power and specialty cable production.

Fiber Optic

Fiber Optic icon

Automatically measure and control fiber optic cable production.

DCM Cable Testing

Cable Testing icon

Automatically test LAN, Coaxial, Telecom, and Aerospace/Defense cables.


Data Collection and Monitoring Systems 
Keeping your finger on the pulse of performance.

Data collection is critical for monitoring the dimensional aspects of your production process. Without it, it is very difficult to ensure that your products are being manufactured to highest quality at all points along the production continuum. Our data collection and monitoring systems enable you to effectively monitor and manage one or more Beta LaserMike gauges on your production line, so you have complete visibility of your process for immediate corrective action and delivering optimum results. Our systems include:

  • AccuNet comprehensive supervisory networking software for multi-gauge applications.Learn More »

  • MultiScan32 comprehensive system to measure the diameter of multiple product strands.Learn More »

  • DP500 indicator for simple LaserSpeed length and speed information.Learn More »

  • DP700 display system to present LaserSpeed length, velocity, quality factor, and gauge status, as well as configure gauge and process settings.Learn More »


Webinars, Presentations, and Videos

Beta LaserMike offers a growing range of webinars, presentations, and videos available online. Learn more about our products today.

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    Pipe & Tube

    Plastic pipe manufactures have been pursuing accurate product inspection methods for many years. Quality control and material savings have been the primary drivers utilized to justify the investment.

    Plastic tube manufacturers face challenges as diverse as the markets and customers they serve. Producers of IVs, catheters or other medical tubes face strict regulations from government organizations and customers that hold them liable for absolute product quality and safety.

    Automotive tube manufacturers have high demands for tubing that holds tight tolerances, along with thorough documentation to prove quality claims. 
    Heat-shrink tube manufacturers must extrude consistent wall thickness before taking the tubes to expansion lines, in order to ensure proper thermal shrink ratios.

    Manufacturers of irrigation tubes, industrial tubes or any of a wide variety of tubes for consumer products must constantly strive to find new ways to increase production efficiencies and reduce manufacturing costs in order to improve profit margins in a competitive environment.

    Beta LaserMike gives manufacturers the competitive edge by offering the most comprehensive process control instrumentation to solve their application challenges. As a market leader, we understand our customers’ quality, cost, and measurement and process control objectives and work with them to create innovative, reliable solutions that improve product quality while lowering costs. Learn how our solutions can help your production process.

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    Automatically measure and control plastic pipe production.


    Tube icon

    Automatically measure and control plastic tube production.



    Steel and non-ferrous metals production plants are harsh environments for measurement devices used to control processing operations. Mechanical contact encoders have difficulty measuring the length and speed of hot slabs and billets with any degree of accuracy due to the extreme temperatures and slag-scale accumulation on the product’s surface. These mechanical systems are subject to slippage and debris buildup on the rotating measurement wheel, causing measurement inaccuracies. They also experience mechanical failure and require operators to perform routine calibration, maintenance, and production line adjustments.

    LaserSpeed is proven on all types of steel and non-ferrous applications

    LaserSpeed eliminates those measurement errors associated mechanical contact encoders because it uses a unique, laser-based measurement technique that does not contact the product. It is permanently calibrated and has no moving parts to wear out. LaserSpeed is proven in numerous mill applications involving:

    • Continuous slab casters

    • Billet and bloom casters

    • Cutting control

    • Elongation control in temper and skin pass mills

    • Gauge control in cold rolling mills

    • And more…

    Precision measurement improves process control, increases productivity

    LaserSpeed directly measures the length and speed of your product with +/-0.05% accuracy and 0.02% repeatability. It can even measure zero speed (product at standstill) and the direction your material is moving. LaserSpeed’s high level of accuracy will reduce your length and speed measurement errors, enabling you to improve process control and realize real productivity gains.


    Diameter Measurement

    Global competition is forcing manufacturers in a wide range of industries to produce products faster, better, and most cost effectively. A critical component to making this happen is the ability for manufacturers to accurately measure the diameter of products.

    Beta LaserMike’s laser scanning diameter gauges and control systems enable manufacturers to perform rapid, precise, and repeatable measurements to exacting dimensional tolerances.

    Beta LaserMike offers several solutions for in-process and off-line measurement. Whether you produce wire, cable, fiber, pipe, tube, or any other product, Beta LaserMike has the laser-scanning gauge to meet your unique diameter measurement needs.

    Learn how our precision diameter measurement solutions can you give you the quality and productivity advantage.



    Paper manufacturers produce large orders of rolled products for customers on a daily basis that must meet specific length requirements. In some operations, this requires the manufacturer to accurately measure the continuous product length at the rewind station. In other applications, it requires the tight control of splice speeds between two reels during “flying splice” operations. Other situations require the precise speed regulation of the line to control paper coating applications.

    Don’t let mechanical encoders dictate your product accuracy

    Many manufacturers have found the hard way that mechanical contact encoders just don’t provide the accuracy required to control the product length and speed at critical points along the production line. Mechanical encoders can lose contact on various paper surfaces due to slippage or web vibration, and require frequent calibration because of mechanical wear and tear. An erroneous length or speed measurement can result in costly product overages and shortages, as well as product scrap and rework.

    Get the accuracy advantage today

    LaserSpeed directly measures your product’s surface without contacting the material because it uses laser light to precisely perform length and speed measurements. And since LaserSpeed is permanently calibrated, it never requires re-calibration – saving you time and money. With accuracies up to +/-0.05%, LaserSpeed is the idea replacement for error-prone mechanical contact encoders. There is no substitute. LaserSpeed is your measurement solution for delivering higher quality products that meet exact customer specifications.


    Optical Fiber Measurement System

    FiberMike is a complete draw tower solution that uses diameter gauges, flaw detectors, and a measurement processor to monitor each stage of your process. Diameter gauges use a flattened measurement response to provide sub-micron measurement accuracy at the cladding, primary and secondary buffer coating stages. A flaw detector checks for internal and external flaws after the secondary buffer coating. The FiberMike processor displays data both numerically and graphically, providing accurate, real-time data and perform position control.

    • The following technical information provides performance information. 
      For specific product details, please refer to our data sheets.

    • FiberMike Processor

      • Model 282-14 FiberMike Processor

      • Power Requirements: 
        115 VAC ±10%, 3 amp, 50/60 Hz
        230 VAC ±10%, 1.5 amp, 50/60 Hz

      • Operating Temperature:
        40-110°F (4-43°C)
        Specifications apply at 21°C ±2°

      • Dimensions (LxHxW): 18.0 x 6.97 x 19.0 in. (457 x 177 x 483 mm)

      • Weight: 22 lbs. (10 kg)

    • Diameter Gauge

      • Model 200FI Diameter Gauge

      • Number of Axes: 2

      • Measurement Range: 80-1000 µm

      • Repeatability (16 scans avg.): ±0.025 µm

      • Scan Rate:
        Standard: 800 scans per second1
        Optional: 1500 or 2000 scans per second1

      • Positional Error:
        Measurement Area: 1 x 1 mm Error: 0.25 µm
        Measurement Area: 2 x 2 mm Error: 0.40 µm

      • Stability: ±0.0125 µm, ±5°C

      • 1Interleaved

    • Flaw Detector Combo

      • Model 360/200FI Flaw Detector Combo

      • Diameter Specification: See Part Number: 84637

      • Minimum Flaw Length: None

      • Minimum Flaw Size: 3 microns

      • Maximum Fiber Diameter: 260 microns

      • Number of Axes: 3

      • Working Area: 1 mm x 1 mm square, centered at the intersection of the three laser beams

      • Line Speed: >45m/sec.




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