Đèn Cầm Tay Chống Cháy Nổ (Explosion-Proof Incandescent Hand Lamps)

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1056/2 Huỳnh Tấn Phát, P Tân Phú, Q7, Tp.hcm

1. Đèn cầm tay chống cháy nổ (BSX-60 Series Explosion-proof Incandescent Hand Lamps)



Copper-free Aluminium Alloy, powder coated surfacce, yellow(RAL1021)

HandlePlastic, black
Wire guardPowder coated carbon steel, white
Exposed fastenerStainless steel
Lamp holderE27
Available lampIncandescent lamp: 25W, 40W, 60W; LED: 3W, 5W, 8W
Rated voltageMax. 230V
Protection classII (Protection against electric shock)
Ambient temperature-20℃~+55℃
Terminal3 x 1.5~2.5mm2 (L+N+PE)
Cable entries1 x M25 x 1.5 cable gland (DQM-I Ex e, plastic)
Available cable outer diameterΦ9~Φ16 (mm)
Global (IECEx)IECEx CQM 08.0015
Gas and dustEx d e IIC T4
Europe (ATEX)LCIE 07 ATEX 6028
Gas and dust

 II 2 G Ex d e IIC T4 
CertificatesIECEx; ATEX; CU-TR
Conformity to standardsEN; IEC 
Degree of protectionIP65

Maker: Warom - China

2. Đèn cầm tay chống cháy nổ (Explosion-Proof Portable Light): CFS1


Applies to portable illumination for ships, oil platforms, chemical and explosive gas atmospheres II A, temperature class T1 ∼ T2 in dangerous area of temporary work site.

Light body structure is consist of the main part of the increased safety and flameproof lamp holder body parts.
Light body with high-temperature vulcanized silicone rubber molding, with hard borax glass lampshade, with stainless steel protective guard.
The lamps can work normally under the temperature -10°C ∼+40°C.
Cable outside diameter ∅8mm. Cross-sectional area 1.0mm².

Protection Class : IP56

Voltage : 220V/24V

Power : 60W

Lamp Holder : E27

IMPA Code : 792171

Made in China


0903 047 896
Mã số : 16096501
Địa điểm : Toàn quốc
Hình thức : Cần bán
Tình trạng : Hàng mới
Hết hạn : 13/10/2021
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