Máy Hàn Tig Dc Rainbow 201 Hf, Rainbow 202Hf Pro, Máy Hàn Tig 200A

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 Máy hàn Tig DC RAINBOW 201 HF CEA

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RAINBOW 201 HF and RAINBOW 182 HF PRO - 200 HF PRO represent the latest evolution of inverter technology DC welding machines for professional applications. Equipped with a digital control, these powerful 100 kHz power sources, based on the very latest IGBT technology and fitted with flat transformer, can be used for TIG welding of any metal, excluding aluminium and its alloys. These power sources, also very well performing in MMA welding, due to their lightness and portability, are the ideal solution for excellent quality welding in maintenance, assembly and light fabrication works.



"EASY PULSE" feature, in function of the chosen peak current , will synergically generate, in a simple and automatic way, both an adequate pulse frequency ( between 0.5 and 500 Hz) and a base current. Pulse parameter values preselected in the control will save setting time, by ensuring the best possible pulse parameter combinations, ideal for less skilled welders/operators.



“CYCLE” function allows, by simply pressing the torch trigger, to continuously switch between two current values, previously preselected. This function is most suitable for welding different thickness profiles, requiring a continuous current adjustment change.


  • Innovative and compact design
  • Shock-proof fibre compound main structure
  • Control panel protected against accidental impact
  • Digital Ammeter
  • Robust handle built-in into the chassis Reduced weight and dimensions, easy-to-carry
  • Precise and efficient TIG arc striking by high frequency
  • High performance on thin metal sheets
  • Digital control of all the welding parameters with the ability to store 99 personalised programs (RAINBOW 182 HF PRO - 202 HF PRO)
  • "Energy Saving" function to switch off the power source cooling fan when no longer necessary.
  • Low energy consumption and high efficiency
  • VRD - Voltage Reduction Device

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Hết hạn : 20/05/2021
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