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SERVOPRO 4200 / 4210 Industrial Gas Analyser The 4200 / 4210 is designed to monitor flammable gas samples including hydrogen/carbon monoxide, ''''HYCO'''' or ''''Syngas'''' mixtures for trace level contaminants and percent level components. In addition the 4210 offers stainless steel pipework

  • Easy to set up and operate
  • Low maintenance
  • Extremely stable and reliable sensors
  • Can measure up to four gases simultaneously
  • External analogue input facilities
  • RS232 / RS485 serial data output
  • Modbus TM communications



Technology Used

Oxygen control – Servomex’ unique paramagnetic cell, which offers a fast, linear, accurate, highly stable and selective response in a non-depleting rugged package.

Carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, methane at trace levels – Single beam gas filter correlation photometric technology, which gives a highly stable, sensitive and selective measurement.

Carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, Methane at % levels – Single beam, single wavelength infrared technology, which gives a highly stable, selective measurement.


  • Simultaneously measures up to 4 gas streams
  • Paramagnetic sensor with temperature control and pressure compensation for ultimate performance
  • Independent autocalibration of all measurements up to 8 isolated analogue outputs and up to 12 relays with follow or freeze option
  • Alarm, fault and calibration history logs
  • Stainless steel pipework in 4210
  • Bench top, panel or 19” rack mount


Typical Applications

  • Product quality in hydrogen plant
  • Process control on hydrogen or HYCO plant
  • Bottling/filling plant for flammable gases


Service Training

Servomex provides comprehensive maintenance and service contracts for all our products and systems. We are also able to provide extended warranty on our entire range of products.

As part of our commitment to providing valuable aftersales support, we are developing extensive training schemes for customers. If you are interested in attending a course please contact us directly using the service enquiry form.

System Capabilities

Servomex offers a complete system solution covering all aspects of sampling system design, build and project management. Please contact your local Servomex office for further information.

Delta F DF-320E The DF-320E brings improved performance to harsh and hazardous environments.

  • Class I, Div 2, Groups A,B,C,D, CSA and CENELEC Zone 2 certification
  • Perfect for any application where potential explosion is a possibility – for example in natural gas lines or LNG storage, etc.



Delta F DF-740 NanoTrace Moisture in Ammonia Analyzer

  • Simple to use instrument for the measurement of trace levels of moisture in ammonia
  • Designed for long term unattended operation with minimal maintenance.
  • LDL of 10 ppb, excellent linearity, fast response


SERVOPRO Chroma (k4000) The SERVOPRO Chroma (K4000) analyser with its unique non-depleting plasma emission detector is one of the most versatile gas analysers on the market. Many applications will be satisfied by a single 4U rack analyser configuration, making the SERVOPRO Chroma a compact, cost effective solution.

  • Trace gas measurement ppb/ppm
  • Stand-alone system , no need for third party software
  • PlasmaHC hydrocarbon system measurement does not use a FID
  • ArgonSep separates argon without use of oxygen scrubber



Technology Used

Plasma Emission Detector - Servomex''''s unique non-depleting plasma emission cell offers a fast, accurate, selective, and sensitive response.

PlasmaHC - measures methane and THC without the use of a FID, eliminating the need for maintenance and fuel.

ArgonSep - separates Argon completely from oxygen without the need for oxygen scrubbers, providing a sensitive, maintenance free measurement.


  • Ethernet connectivity for remote control and monitoring
  • 4-20 mA outputs for peak impurity values and chromatogram signal
  • Remote range I.D. contact per impurity


Typical Applications

  • Air separation plants
  • Argon purification plants
  • Cryogenic truck loading station
  • Hydrogen purification plants
  • Speciality gas laboratories
  • Semiconductor plants
  • Helium liquification plants


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