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Số 28/6 ĐƯỜNG 45, KP2, P. Hiệp Bình Chánh, Q. Thủ Đức, TP.HCM

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Yahoo: thuongnguyentool ;  Skype: thuongnguyentool     

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Ê tô 5" Stanley 81-602

Ê tô có mâm xoay 6" Stanley 81-603

Ê tô 8" Stanley 81-604
Ê tô 10" Stanley 81-605



Matching your chosen toolkit to the right ... tool trolley, workbench or cupboard

xe dụng cụ đồ nghề Gedore, 

thùng đồ nghề xách tay

bàn làm việc, tủ đựng dụng cụ đồ nghề

xe + tu do nghe.png



B 1500 L
 40 mm thick multiplex beech wood worktop, surface additionally protected by linseed oil varnish
 Five drawers, extendable up to 505 mm, individually partitionable, delivery includes
9 length- and 9 crosswise dividers
 Drawers removable
 Load capacity per drawer 40 kg
 Open space for storage, secured with strong metal shutter
 Separate locking of drawers and shutter by cylinder locks
 With heel protection
 Total load capacity 2000 kg
 Dimensions: H 900 x W 2000 x D 875 mm
 In GEDORIT blue, drawers GEDORIT silver
R 1500 LH
 Sheet steel construction
 With metal shutter lockable by cylinder lock
 Perforated rear to take fittings for any choice of assortment
 With hook assortment 1500 HS 23
 Dimensions: H 890 x W 1810 x D 170 mm
 In GEDORIT blue, shutter GEDORIT silver
 BR 1500 LH Consisting of workbench B 1500 L and tool cabinet R 1500 LH
 Delivery without tools

Tool Trolleys

xe do nghe-4.png

BASIC TOOL SET 29 pieces, code 6511090
In practical black leather case with zip fastener
Packed with a basic assortment of tools for emergencies
Dimensions: W 300 x D 260 x H 45 mm
Tools in metric sizes

501 M.png



TOOL ASSORTMENT AUTODOCTOR 29 pieces, code: 6604770


TOOL CASE ELECTRICIAN 90 pieces, Tool set S 1090 + tool case WK 1090 L


VDE TOOL ASSORTMENT 26 pieces Tool set S 1093 + tool case WK 1091L

Bộ dụng cụ cách điện 26 chi tiết


TOOL BOX WITH TOOL ASSORTMENT 5 compartments, long pattern

 Thùng đồ nghề sửa chữa xách tay
Tools in metric or inch sizes,
Dimensions: H 210 x W 535 x D 225 mm



S 1091.png

S 1500 ES-03 Module assortment large 325 pieces

Xe đựng dụng cụ đồ nghề 5 ngăn, 7 ngăn...

Tu do nghe_gedore.png

Dụng cụ sửa chữa đa năng, dụng cụ bảo trì sửa chữa máy

S 1500 ES-03.png

SOCKET SET 1/2" 27 pieces

Ratchet $T 1993 U-10 T;  19 10 11 12 13 14 15 17 19 22 24 27 30

5 IN 19 5 6 7 8 10 12 14; ? IS 19 8 10,; IKS 19 2 3; 1990-5 -10 ) 1995



Xe kéo đựng dụng cụ sửa chữa matadore 8153 60 30


Combination ratchet spanner set 12 pieces


code: 2297442, no 7 R-012, Contents 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19, gam 2840
Single ended ring spanner set 19 pieces

2 A 24 27 30 32 36 41 46 50 55 60 65 70 75 80 85; 2 AR 0 1 2 3 

19 RMU-10 Socket set 1/2"32 pieces


Contents (pieces)

Article-No.19 RMU-10
ArticlenameSocket set 1/2"32 pcs hex 8-36 mm
Weight7,7 kg
Packing unit (PU)1 Piece
Drive connector square (male)1/2 inch
Drive connector square (male) nominal size12,5 mm

409 - 410 Parallel vice

  • Welded, Compact design, with large anvil surface

  • Protected vice spindle with rolled thread, Blue hammer-enamel finish

257 - 258 Pipe bending machine 3/8"- 2"


  • For gas and water pipes EN 10255 (DIN 2440/2441) up to max. 90°

  • With bending tools as an option which can be used up to a max. 180° 

  • Available in various designs: - manually or electro-hydraulically operated - with open or fold-open bending frame - as the basic tool without bending former or as a set with bending former no. 263103-120, Pressure 100 kN

  • Delivery in assembly case 

  • Optional bending tools under no. 263 - 267 available for: - Distilling pipes EN 10220 (DIN 2448) from 3/8 to 1.1/2“ or 25 to 51 mm - Railing tubes from 3/8 to 1.1/4“ - Electrical installationpipes EN 60423 from M12 to M40 - Metric pipes from 14 to 51 mm - Multi-layer composite pipes from 40 to 63 mm (no. 258 - Gas and water pipes EN 10255 (DIN 2440/2441) from 3/4 to 1.1/2“ up to 180° - Metric pipes from 25 to 50 mm up to 180° - straightening steel pipes and scaffold tubes 1.1/2“

  • Bending tools for stainless steel pipes on request   

246 Pipe bending machine manual-hydraulic


  • Sizes from 6 to 28 mm Ø up to 180° 

  • For semi-hard and soft copper pipes EN 1057 up to 28 mm Ø, stainless steel pipes EN 10088-3 (DIN 17 440) up to 22 x 1.5 mm, hydraulic pipes EN 10305-1 (DIN 2391) and precision steel pipes EN 10305-3 (DIN 2394) up to 22 x 2 mm, composite pipes up to 20 mmas well as gas and water pipes EN 10255-M (DIN 2440) up to 3/4"   

  • Pressure 60 kN,

  • On pivotable tripod 

  • Delivery in wooden assembly case

GDMK Torque wrench set DREMASTER K


  • The DREMASTER DMK as a practical tool set  

  • Most-widely-used tools in a robust sheet-metal case 

  • Clearly organised - everything always ready to hand   

  • With foam-material inlay modules (on request, these can be customised or extended individually) 1/2" 20-100Nm, 1/2" 40-200Nm, 1/2" 60-300Nm, 3/4" 80-400Nm.....


K 32-040 Impact socket set 3/4"for trucks 4 pieces


  • 4 sockets, suitable for all standard electric and air tools 

  • Square drive as per DIN 3121 - H 20, ISO 1174   

  • GEDORE special steel, gun-metal finish, In black plastic case

403 Hacksaw, Mini Hacksaw, cưa sắt cầm tay 300mm, 450mm


  • Adjustable tubular steel frame 

  • For 10"and 12"hacksaw blades, complete with No. 403 A-405 A

  • Saw blades single-sided (403 A-405 A) and double-sided (403 B-405 B) 

  • Handle enamelled

8728 Key file set 6 pieces


  • Acc. to DIN 7283; In blue plastic wallet

8553 Tap and die set


  • In plastic case 

  • Dimensions: 275 x 150 x 42 mm 

  • For internal threads M3 - M6 

  • For external threads M3 - M6, max. 40 mm long 

  • Ratchet drive system with extension unit 

  • Additional guide sleeve for dies to ensure accurately aligned thread cutting along the bar axis, with swarf collector 

  • Drives: Ratchet with extension 

  • Taps: Quick-clamp tap wrench with M3-M6 taps 

  • Dies: Die handle with guide disc and M3-M6 dies 

  • Accssories: Fixing screws and angle screwdriver, instruction manual   

8551 S Bolt extractor set


  • For removing broken screws, bolts and tube ends 

  • Made from high-grade chrome-vanadium steel, tempered, 54-56 HRC

106 - 106 D Chisel and punch set 6 pieces

107 Chisel and punch set 12 pieces

Bộ đột hỗn hợp 12 cái Gedore

  • Chrome-molybdenum-vanadium air hardening steel 45CrMoV7

  • Carefully hardened and tempered along the full length 

  • Striking heads inductively tempered 

  • Working edge polished and clear varnished 

  • In wooden stand

2200 - 2201 Letter and number punches


  • To label finished parts such as signs, tools, etc. 

  • Made from hardened steel with hardened handle and tempered striking head 

  • In blue plastic box 

  • No. 2200 = 9 numbers, 6 mm printing height 

  • No. 2201 = 27 letters, 6 mm printing height 

75 GSTM Carpenters hammer


  • Head and handle forged in one piece, nearly unbreakable 

  • Ergonomic, air-cushioned 2-component handle 

  • Optimum impact force - a result of its perfect balance 

  • Fatigue-free working due to the new anti-vibration system 

  • With straight-through shaft right to the end of the handle   

  • Withmagnetic nail holder


BASS HAMMER, búa đồng


Club shape
With hickory handle DIN 5111, with additional long hardened
handle protective steel sleeve,
Spare handle E 600 H / E 609 H
The sleeve, tapered collar, fixing plate and wood screw bond
the hammer head and wood handle into one unit
Patented handle join, high working safety, long service life,
best price-performance ratio
Also available in a heavy 5 kg version

2300 Pipe cutter QUICK AUTOMATIC


  • Tool body in pressure-cast zinc 

  • Cutting wheels in chrome-alloyed stainless steel 

  • For cutting copper, brass, and light-alloy pipes, PVC hard plastic and plastic-coated (WICU®) pipes, thin-walled steel pipes, (e.g. Ermeto pipes), composite pipes, stainless steel pipes 

  • With automatic infeed by plate springs, retractable deburring knife, Stove enamelled blue   

234 Double flaring tool set


  • For standard-compliant (DIN 74234) double flaring tools on brake lines, coolant lines, hydraulic and pneumatic pipes with a wall thickness of 0.7 to 1.0 mm 

  • Body in tempered cast iron GTW 40, stove enamelled blue 

  • Clamping jaws made from steel, smooth inside, phosphated 

  • Complete set for metric and/or inch pipes

  • Delivery in sheet steel case no. 234901

1.61/HSP Wheel-hub puller for cars and trucks, hydraulic


  • For wheel stud circles up to 250 mm,Easy to use  

  • With wheel stud protection using rotating nut apertures that always lie flat to the hub

1.11 Puller 3-arm pattern


  • The reliable, heavy-duty model for the removal of pulleys, wheels, ball bearings, etc.

  • The double leg ends, wide or narrow, grip automatically  

  • The wide leg ends of the puller 1.11/2, /3, /4 and /5 possess 8 mm slots, so that pulleys or gears may also be pulled off using 8 mm bolts

2.50 Set of internal and external extractors


  • Suitable for various applications of external or internal extraction 

  • Internal extractors for bores with Ø 5 - 55 mm. To use in connection with sliding hammer or counter-support braces 

  • External extractors with various clamping depths up to 130 mm 

  • Separators and pullers incl. extension rods, ideal for removing tightly-seated or thin-walled parts for outer diameter 5 - 115 mm

1.50 Hydraulic implements


  • Suitable for pressing, straighteni

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