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Offset printing is a modern printing method and is widely used in today's printing industry. Images and characters printed on the paper are completely free of ink thanks to rubber sheets (also known as offset plates) combined with lithography. This combination of offset and lithography first appeared in 1875 in England, printing on metal. The offset drum is made of cardboard, transmitting the image to be printed from the lithographs to the metal surface. After many improvements, around 1950, offset printing became the most popular printing technique for commercial printing. Until now, people used offset printing a lot in press printing, advertising printing, office. Gia Nguyen is an offset printing company in Da Nang applying high quality offset printing technology. So what is the process of offset printing? Photos and information are printed directly on rubber sheets. The rubber sheets are then pressed onto the surface of the paper. Finally, the method of lithography is carried out. The two rollers work independently. One roller is printed in the image area and the other is used in the area where there are images or information to be printed. Principles Large offset printing machine works on the principle of flat printing and uses images between the printing plate and the printing paper in the same direction.


in offset giấy khổ lớn

Offset printing technology is widely used in life The process of performing large offset printing The implementation process includes the following steps: Install the printing plate into the plate assembly Put the toner into the reservoir Evenly ink in the transmission lot Insert media (paper, metal, etc.) into the machine part Offset printing system for printing and finishing processing.



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