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It doesn't matter where the writer you're going to give your gift to works, whether he writes a book on a typewriter in the countryside or works in a paper writer service and helps students with writing assignments. They all have one thing in common: a love of writing. And we're sure they'll appreciate the things that help them dive into this field.

Leather journals are the perfect gift for any writer! Leather journals also make great gifts for other bookworms. The best gifts for writers allow the recipient to express their creativity while consuming their favorite media. Adult coloring books, puzzles, and Kindle gift cards are also a great idea for book lovers! If you can't decide on a gift, consider getting a gift certificate for their favorite online store. Literature mugs are a favorite drinkware item among writers, and they usually only cost $20 to $25.

Leather journals

There are a few reasons why leather journals make great gifts for writers even. They are beautiful, timeless, and will likely remain in the recipient's bag for years to come. Not only do they make wonderful gifts, but they also have health benefits. Whether it's a writer's favorite pastime or a work of art, a leather journal will be used time again. Here are five reasons why leather journals are such great gifts for writers.

Kindle gift cards

Writers love books, and you can buy them books that reflect your taste. A Kindle gift card is a safe bet. You can easily wrap it in a bow and stamp it with "Happy Reading!" You can also get gift cards to local or national coffee shops. For a more creative gift idea, try buying a writer a clock, labeled with an hour-by-hour task that she must complete.

Adult coloring books

There are many different types of adult coloring books on the market, each with its own unique style and theme. Some are made of different types of materials, while others are more general. Whatever the genre, these coloring books are great for adults who want to spend time on their own. For a gift that your writer friend will appreciate, consider purchasing an adult coloring book. There are many options available, including coloring books that feature your favorite authors, ones that include romance novels, or even a book with a theme.

Puzzles with scenes from Alice in Wonderland and The Wind in the Willows

If your writer is a fan of Lewis Carroll's classic novels, then a puzzle featuring a scene from one of them would be perfect. These books include classics like Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan, or even Anne of Green Gables. Often illustrated by renowned artists, these puzzles feature scenes from some of Lewis Carroll's best-loved stories.


If you're a writer who loves to give gifts, you can consider choosing candles for your friend's birthday. These gifts are useful in their day-to-day routines and are a great choice for writers on birthdays and other special occasions. Literary candles, such as those by Frostbeard Studio, are ideal for writers. Writers will also appreciate a coffee mug with a book title on it.

Coffee mugs

Coffee mugs make the best gifts for writers because they help inspire them to continue their work. Writers usually spend many hours in their writing studio, sipping on a hot beverage while intermittently taking sips of tea or coffee. A coffee mug with a motivational quote or word is the perfect way to encourage them. If you're not sure what kind of mug to get, consider buying coffee mugs with quotes from popular authors and literary figures.

Print magazines

Readers who enjoy literary fiction may appreciate a subscription to a literary magazine. While literary magazines are often expensive, they make wonderful gifts for writers. The New Yorker and The Atlantic are two examples of popular literary magazines. If you're looking for an inexpensive yet thoughtful gift, book-shaped retro laptop cases are an excellent choice. For the more adventurous writer, consider subscribing to one of the many literary journals available online.


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