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Danh sách nơi bán Logitech FabricSkin Keyboard Folio for iPad Air cập nhật mới nhất 2019

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Logitech FabricSkin Keyboard Folio for iPad Air
Hiện tại chưa có gian hàng nào bán sản phẩm Logitech FabricSkin Keyboard Folio for iPad Air trên Vatgia.com
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Mô tả sản phẩm: Logitech FabricSkin Keyboard Folio for iPad Air


Sensational FabricSkin keyboard

An amazingly thin, light Bluetooth® keyboard with wipe-clean keys magically vanishes into the inner fabric.

  • Weighs only 425g (0.9lbs) and measures just 18.5mm (0.7in) thick
  • The keyboard is comfortable for typing when you need it and almost invisible when you don’t
  • Full-size keys help you type as fast as on a standard keyboard
  • Includes time-saving iOS® shortcut keys for copy, paste, undo and more
  • Frees up screen space on iPad®


From the #1 selling keyboard brand for iPad*

Our revolutionary and unique layout is based on decades of expertise and research.

  • Despite its smaller size, the key size has been maximized.
  • FabricSkin Keyboard Folio keeps the same keys as on standard keyboards, so little learning curve is needed.

* Based on independent sales data (in units) for United States, Australia, United Kingdom, Germany, France – December 2012.

2-sided protection

The durable, folio-style case helps protect iPad from accidental bumps, scratches and spills.

  • Covers both the front and back of iPad
  • Precision engineered with state-of-the-art, water-repellant materials and cutting-edge manufacturing techniques
  • Perfect for everyday protection


Versatile viewing

The FabricSkin Keyboard Folio doubles as a dual-view stand that holds iPad in two ideal positions.

  • Upright with the keyboard exposed, iPad is at the perfect angle for typing.
  • Laying flat with the keyboard hidden, you can browse the web, listen to music or watch videos.



Charge the keyboard using the included USB cable and get up to 3 months of battery life on a full charge.*

*Based on an average use of 2 hours per day.

SecureLock system

Lightweight, low-profile clips keep the corners of iPad firmly fastened to the frame.

  • Easy release makes iPad easy to insert and easy to remove.
  • Powerful magnets keep the FabricSkin Keyboard Folio securely closed when you’re on the go.

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