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Danh sách nơi bán Máy cắt Sodick EDM cập nhật mới nhất 2020

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Máy cắt Sodick EDM
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HN: 0984.055.173
HCM: 083.210.0096

Mô tả sản phẩm: Máy cắt Sodick EDM


High Precision - High Speed - CNC Wire EDM
Sodick’s AG400L CNC wire EDM is a precision machining solution for small to medium size medical device-instruments, aerospace, energy-related parts and die/molds that require close tolerances and fine surface finishes.  The AG400L includes many upgrades and replaces the AQ327L wire EDM.
AG400L Competitive Advantages
  • Direct Drive Linear Motors with Heidenhain absolute glass scale feedback; guarantees machining accuracy
  • Energy Saving Circuit saves on power consumption
  • Motion Controller provides simultaneous axis movement & makes spark gap changes in real time
  • On-board, user-friendly Heart NC software programs 2 & 4 axes shapes and can import CAD files
  • Rise fall worktank provides easy access to work area and is ideal for automation
  • Since linear motor EDMs will never wear, they come with a 10 Year Positioning Guarantee
AG400L Machine Specifications
AG400L Wire EDM English Metric
X, Y, Z Axis Travel 15.7" x 11" x 9.8" 400mm x 280mm x 250mm
U, V Axis Travel 4.7" x 4.7" 120mm x 120mm
Maximum Workpiece Weight 1100 lbs. 500 kg.
Machine Weight 8,360 lbs. 3,800 kg.
Wire dia. .002" – .012" .05mm – .3mm
max workpiece size 23.6" x 18.5" x 9.4" 600mm x 470mm x 240mm
Taper Angle ± 25° @ 3.94 ± 25° @ 100mm
Machine Tool Dimensions 82.7" x 88.0" x 87.4" 2,100mm x 2,235mm x 2,200mm
What our customers are saying.

"The short cycle times due to the fast threading and quick usable cutting speeds make the machines ideal for production applications. High precision projects with intricate detail benefit from the good finishes and high accuracy with small wires."
John Dora, Jeff Gubbins - Owners

"We now have 3 Sodick's among our 90 CNC machines and are extremely happy with their productivity, accuracy, and reliability. We run them 24 hours a day and have had great success with them."
John J. Staudinger - COO
Arlington Machine and Tool Co.
Fairfield, NJ

AG400L Wire EDM Sample: Where Speed Meets Accuracy

Sodick's linear motor driven wire EDMs have no backlash and are vibration-free resulting in high-machining accuracy combined with a fine surface finish. 

• Workpiece: D2
• Thickness: 2.0"
• Wire Diameter: .008"
• Surface Finish: 5RMS
• Part Accuracy: +,-.00006"

AG400L Wire EDM: Product Description

Linear Motor Drives with Absolute Glass Scale Feedback

Sodick’s AG400L linear motor driven, high precision wire EDM features new user-friendly EDMing technology which further enhances productivity and EDMing precision.  The machine’s linear motor axes drives are coupled with .4 millionths Heidenhain absolute glass scale feedback on the X,Y,U,V axes which ensure precision cutting and positioning accuracy.  With the new Heidenhain ultra-precision absolute linear glass scales, the true machine position is always known.  This reduces set-up time since the operator no longer has to home the machine after it has been powered down.  Sodick’s X,Y,U,V linear motor drives will last forever, have no backlash and are backed by Sodick’s 10 year positioning accuracy guarantee. 

SMART Control Technology

The machine’s Windows XP based, high speed control comes standard with a large 15” LCD touch screen which is easy to view and eliminates glare.  Standard items; such as, the LAN network connection and a 1GB USB memory stick makes it easy to transfer programming files.  The 4GB compact flash card memory eliminates hard drives that can crash resulting in lost data.  In the event of a power loss, the UPS system will automatically lock the axis drives.  Once power is restored, the machine will automatically power itself up and resume cutting.  The Heart NC on-board, user-friendly programming software is beneficial for shops that are on a tight budget.  Heart NC can program both 2 and 4 axes shapes and import CAD files.  After programming, the user-friendly Condition Set Screen will automatically select the optimum cutting conditions and offsets from its internal database and adds them to the NC program.  The AG400L precision wire EDM comes with the K-SMC (Sodick Motion Controller) which provides simultaneous axes movement and makes spark gap changes in real time.  This results in improved machining speed, workpiece accuracy and fewer required skim passes. 

High Speed Automatic Wire Threader

The new high speed, automatic, annealing wire threader improves wire straightness which increases the AWT repeatability especially at larger Z heights.  With the annealing process, the wire is heated, stretched and cut to a sharp point resulting in a smaller required wire guide clearance resulting in improved part accuracy.  Since the annealing AWT can thread in the submerged mode, the worktank does not have to be drained when wire threading.  The Z axis position will automatically set the dielectric fluid for the operator. 

Standard Technology

Standard wire EDM technology includes the high speed electrolysis-free circuit that eliminates workpiece oxidation and improves part straightness.  The corner control circuit improves corner accuracy.  The energy saving circuit saves on energy cost by recycling unused discharges that were not used in the discharge process.  The AG400L is designed with Sodick’s new Environment Adaptation System.  Machine temperature is stabilized by circulating the air inside the column.  Heat insulation material covers the entire column and prevents the outside air from affecting the temperature inside the column thus improving the machine’s thermal stability.  A dielectric chiller and transformer are also included. 


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