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300.000 đ

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  • Mã số : 1874911
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  • Tình trạng : Hàng mới 100%
  • Sửa chữa : 23/09/2012 - 18:42
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  • CS1: 214, Đặng Văn Bi, Thủ Đức, TP HCM
  • CS2: 16,Phan Văn Thuận, Phường Tân Mai, TP.Biên Hòa, Đồng Nai
  • CS3: 79, Đường 214, Phnôm Pênh, Campuchia
  • Work Shop: Số 1 Lê Văn Chí, Thủ Đức, TP.HCM
  •  Fax : 08-3722 8500
  • MST:    030 9966 180
  • TK SỐ: 038 100 302 7632 (VIETCOMBANK)
  • MR ĐẠT  0909 637 734


  • Working shot shows the lamination being applied to the stop sign using the wet method. The laminate of the sticker is an earlier stage where a protective clear is (uv sun ok) overlaid on the letters. This gives you the best result. The new metal is also rounded to size. The bleed of the sticker is trimmed to edge when dry. Making a sign in this process is the best. Also, for health and safety reasons, you should have a sign like this where workshop or machinery is started, air compressors automatically start etc.
    • Congress 8 Aluminium sign with vinyl cut lettering. Simple yet effective, Aluminium is also economic and light. Hurstville NSW
    • Close view of the vinyl cut lettering on the Vet Association signs. The white circle was applied first, then the burgundy reverse cut text/image. Features news, membership information, information sheets, publications, and events
    • Aluminium Signs made for the Australian Veterinary Association Certified Practice Program of members. Bulk order or 200, this example above shows how a simple, well made sign like this one has a very powerful message to transmit to the bodies member customers. Bulk signage saves considerably and this can me made in Australia at our factory, call us to obtain your quote with the quantity discount! Vinyl cut lettering was applied to the face. Delivered to vet practices all over Australia. Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide.
    • Aluminium Signs with digital print made for Kellogs Australia. Why Aluminium and not the cheaper, lighter Colorbond metal? Because the customer required more rigidity and thickness. Colorbond comes as 0.6mm standard thickness, whereas Aluminium can be 1.6mm, 2mm or 3mm thick.
    • The BLA sign uses vinyl applied to an Aluminium panel. The design is fantastic! This sign went to Wooloomooloo NSW Established in 1989, Mollison Communications is the leading specialist in providing innovative and strategic marketing and publicity services. Live entertainment marketing and publicity consultancy because we have fantastic people.
    • Aluminium Sign with vinyl cut black lettering (text) on face. For building entrance floor level directory sign in South Yarra
    • Cumminscorp aluminium signs with vinyl cut lettering. Wow! The effect of the natural finish aluminium showing through is elegant and timeless. Shipped to Brisbane QLD for later install in Far North Queensland aqua farm water treatment plant.
    • This Blackbird Energy sign is a classic example of an attractive blue vinyl Logo enhanced by the brushed Aluminium background. This design looks fantastic! Here at Australia Signs we create custom signage to suit your needs for your trade supply option. All accounts are confidential and trade kept to you.
    • Globex Foreign Exchange aluminium sign. This sign was engraved with a CNC Router and paint filled for a beautifully finished depth and texture. Globex Foreign Exchange is an international leader in business foreign exchange as well as large scale personal foreign currency exchange transactions. Bligh St Sydney.
    • More than meets the eye when you come across this Tranformer Logo made from laser cut Stainless Steel in a brushed finish. Each little section was brought into a flying sequence and rotating into the final position, the high bright studio lights made wonderful reflection effects that bounced off the metal. If you are making a TV commercial and need a backdrop or logo or signage for TV, please let us know. We supply many production companies around Australia.
    • 2mm thickness Aluminium Pacom Sign with a touch of gradient on type face. Wow tell me if this looks awesome or what!
    • Hewitt Lee Aluminium Sign with both vinyl cut lettering and also digital print, trimmed to shape. Melbourne VIC
    • Public Accountants Aluminium Sign with vinyl cut lettering in three colours. Looks great on any space, indoor or outdoor! Mossvale NSW
    • Lifestylers Group sign. Made up of Vinyl cut lettering reverse cut from the square, to show the brushed Aluminium through the panel. Richmond VIC The Lifestylers Group is a Melbourne based Personal Concierge, Relocation, Home Packing and Unpacking Service.
    • Allkotes Aluminium Signs, with Vinyl cut lettering. Installed, this sign looks magnificent and attracts attention of all cars passing by - how could they miss it! Mt Waverley VIC. The aluminium was cut 5mm short of the total framing size so that this gives the edges a smooth finger feel. The sign is pop riveted to a metal free standing concrete base sign. This board, is made in a V shape.
    • Adpartners Engraved anodised aluminium sign - the lettering is cut into the metal, then filled with paint in accordance to the logos colours. Crows Nest NSW We have new people, new work, a new way of working and a new goal; to create advertising that motivates.
    • Allkotes Aluminium Sign with the company logo vinyl cut in two colours and applied directly to the substrate. Mt Waverley VIC
    • Plotter lettering on an aluminum sign. The signwriting is made to last and is outdoor grade vinyl lettering. Inwards Goods Despatch
    • Brobribb Stick on letters onto an aluminium panel. Inwards goods, warehouse address etc. Any letters can be used above 15mm.
    • Barraba Signs These aluminium panels are guillotined to size. The graphics are suited to the size and applied. After drying, a special anti graffiti film is overlaid to protect the sign from graffiti. Sent all over Australia, use any artwork for signwriting aluminium. Fish need to move, Fish need plants.


  • Here we have an anodised aluminium plate which has been engraved and filled with black paint to create a small but impressive sign. This technique is perfect for plaques, street address numbers and building id. The letters and numbers can not be removed and the anodised metal is difficult to scratch so the sign is sure to last a very long time.
  • Anodised aluminum gives a matt look appearence, the great advantage of using anodised aluminum rather than natural aluminum is that is does not scratch as easily. This sign was engraved and then paint filled to match Cisco Exchange corporate colors. All sorts of colors are available. The aluminum panel can be glued in place and is suitable for indoor or outdoor settings.
  • This Partners aluminium sign has a matt anodised smooth finish and looks really professional once installed. The aluminium panel is engraved and then paint is used to fill the grooves making a brilliant finished sign.
  • Stainless steel signs are great for wall plaques in offices or just like above fire stations. 2mm stainless steel with our great vinyl colours on the face, red and black. These signs last for the years to come and are at great affordable prices.
  • Panel signs from aluminium, steel or plastic built to last with quality materials
  • Professional looking entrance sign with company logo and slogan looks corporate.
  • This is an aluminium sign which has been made for bathabile. The aluminium is great to use and it helps the letters to stand out especially black.
  • This is an aluminum sign with vinyl cut lettering which has been made for Orion Art. Two vinyl colours were used for the sign spicy red and black.
  • Tegra Nutritives Aluminium panels with black plotter cut vinyl lettering. Follows the same principle as Coca Cola use to promote business on the agents behalf.
  • Fire Hydrant & Hose Reel, Noosa QLD. Aluminium signs with vinyl applied to the face. Aluminium and vinyl always work great together for emergency or caution signs.
  • These Stainless Steel keep out warning signs are made by first cutting, drilling and preparing the Stainless Steel. Next, plotter cut vinyl lettering is applied to the face. A board like this will last 10 years plus before showing new. Custom and specified signage to order.
  • Small aluminium numbered signs for gate holding pens at feed lot. An incredibly useful type of sign that just makes life a little easier. Anti rusting and sturdy. Each number can be incremented.
  • This simple but effective Aluminium sign has vivid plotter cut vinyl applied to the face to create a nice contrast  of colour and metal. A cost effective solution that always looks fantastic. For installation, we can provide the panel sign with pre-drilled holes in the corners and stainless steel standoff pins. If you prefer not to see the fixing points, industrial grade double sided adhesive can be applied to the rear of the sign.
  • Lipson Chambers, Adelaide SA. Aluminium sign with two colour vinyl applied to the face of the aluminium to give a vibrant final product.
  • Aluminum engraved signs look fantastic and can really enhance the look of your store. This sign was engraved and paint filled with pink and white pms color paints to create an elegant sign for hair and make up artisits at The Powder Room.
  • Board Room, Meeting Room Signs made from 1.6mm Aluminium with black, reverse cut lettering to show the metal through. Elegant and easy to read. Oakleigh VIC
  • Female Male Disabled Toilet signs made for Aluminium with Vinyl cut lettering (black). Simple, practical finish. Adelaide SA
  • Aluminium Signs made for Nirvana Estate winery. Suitable elegant advertising that truly welcomes the visitor to the estate for wine and delight.
  • Nirvana Estate winery - installed Aluminium Signs with vinyl cut lettering. Amazing effect, we can do this for your company as well! The Nirvana Story began over a decade ago with a concept and a challenge. The concept was to produce high-quality wine grapes and ultimately establish a commercial wine industry in the Somerset Valleys Region, 100 kilometres north west of Brisbane. The challenge was to do so in a micro-climate traditionally considered too difficult . You can''t grow grapes in Queensland goes the southern myth. We have been told for decades that growing wine grapes successfully north of the border isn''t achievable.

 Xin so sánh giá ở các nơi khác, Hãy CẨN THẬN vì sao nơi đó lại có giá thấp hơn... Chúng tôi chuyên cung cấp vật tư...Chúng tôi có máy móc chuyên dụng 


Xin vui lòng gởi file, để được báo gía chuẩn xác. Email:

* Nhận gia công hàng ở tỉnh, Giao hàng qua chành xe. 

Gia Công Cắt laser chữ Mica: dày 02mm: 120.000đ/m2, (cắt thủ công), Gía áp dụng cho khối lượng trên 3m2, KHÔNG BAO GỒM MICA, Giao hàng tại xưởng. 

* Chữ nổi Mica: 650.000đ/m2, (loại dùng ngoài trời không bị phai màu) Gía áp dụng cho Khối Lượng trên 3m2/lần, Bao gồm mica, giao hàng tại xưởng, Giá có thể thay đổi tùy vào kiểu dáng chữ.   

* Chữ nổi 3D: Uốn, Ép Khuôn mẫu … Mica, Inox (giống như chữ LOTTERIA); Gía tùy thuộc vào Kiểu dáng chữ, Khối lượng. 

 - Chữ nổi Inox: cắt plasma 

a) Inox trắng bóng: 1.800.000đ/m2, Gía áp dụng cho Khối Lượng: trên 4m2/lần; giao tại xưởng, Giá có thể thay đổi tùy vào kiểu dáng chữ. 

b) Inox trắng mờ: 2.200.000đ/m2, Gía áp dụng cho Khối Lượng: trên 5m2/lần; Giao hàng tại xưởng, Giá có thể thay đổi tùy vào kiểu dáng chữ. 

c) Inox Mạ vàng, bóng: 2.000.000đ/m2, Gía áp dụng cho Khối Lượng trên 5m2/lần; giao hàng tại xưởng, Giá có thể thay đổi tùy vào kiểu dáng chữ. 

- Chữ Tole: 1.400.000đ/m2, Gía áp dụng cho Gía áp dụng cho K. Lượng: trên 4m2/lần; giao tại xưởng, Giá có thể thay đổi tùy vào kiểu dáng chữ.    

- Sơn tỉnh điện: 250.000đ/m2, Gía áp dụng cho K. Lượng: trên 4m2/lần; giao tại xưởng, Giá có thể thay đổi tùy vào kiểu dáng chữ. 

- Ốp Nhôm Mặt dựng Aluco: 450.000đ/m2, Gía áp dụng cho K. Lượng trên 50m2/công trình.  

- Bảng Hiệu: 170.000đ/m2, Gía áp dụng cho khối lượng: trên 5m2. In màu Kỹ Thuật số trên nền Hiflex, Khung sắt, viền nhôm V Đài Loan, Giao tại xưởng 

- Đèn ống Neonsign - Đèn Hào Quang Phật: 110.000đ/m2, trên 20 mét, (L. đặt Nội Thành).

- Đèn LED: chạy chương trình, Ma trận, Bảng Quang Báo, Tỉ giá vàng … 

Hộp Đèn: 320.000đ/m2, Gía áp dụng cho khối lượng: trên 5m2; In màu Kỹ Thuật số trên nền Hiflex, Khung sắt, viền nhôm V Đài Loan, Giao h àng tại xưởng. 

- Thay bạt Pano: 90.000đ - 120.000đ/m2, Gía áp dụng cho khối lượng: trên 50m2. In màu Kỹ Thuật số trên nền Hiflex.
* Các loại biển biểu Văn Phòng: 

- Bảng Ăn Mòn Kim Loại (Bảng tên Công Ty Cao Cấp): , Khắc CNC, Khắc Laser, Bảng Kính 2 lớp Phòng họp (bảng viết bút lông)...
- Bảng tên Giám Đốc, Bảng treo đầu cửa các phòng ban (loại cao cấp) ... 

Phân Phối Độc Quyền, Mica Nhật Bản, hàng Nhập Khẩu, Đạt chuẩn ISO, hàng dùng ngoài trời không bị ố vàng. Độ dày CHUẨN ĐỀU, KT: 1220mm X 2440mm,
- Mica Đài Loan: khổ thông dụng: 1220mm X 2440mm, dày từ: 1.5mm đến 50mm. NHẬN CẮT THEO QUY CÁCH 

- Aluco tấm hợp kim nhôm nhựa, (ALUMINIUM) các hiệu: trieuchen, ALUCOLOR, YINGHUA, TUNGKUANG, LEBOARD, LIKEAIR, GOLDSTAR, SEVEN, PACIFIC ... 

- Format: (mica dẻo, dùng làm chữ Q. cáo, vách ngăn) dày: 2mm: 92.000đ/tấm, 3mm: 115.000 đ/tấm, 5mm: 215.000đ/tấm, 10mm: 475.000đ/tấm. KT: 1220mm X 2440mm, 

- Các Loại Vật Tư Quảng Cáo: Inox tấm lẻ: trắng, vàng, nẹp. 

- Tấm lợp lấy sáng, KT: 2.1m X 5.8m, dày 5mm đến 8mm.
- Các Loại Đèn Cao Áp, phụ kiện, GIÁ SỈ; Cần đèn, 

- Tăng fô đèn Neonsign: điện tử, tăng fô "cơ"; BH 1 năm ...

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